Frozen Wines

Below freezing temperatures do have an effect on shipping wine for the holidays.

Joshua Duquist, the executive chef at Tagaris Winery said they factor together the temperature here, travel time and the temperature of the destination to determine if the wine will arrived unharmed.

Most wineries package the wine in boxes with insulated crates to help regulate the temperature. Duquist adivsed making sure of that before placing an order.

Surprisingly, Duquist said shipping wine in the summer temperatures is more difficult than the winter but if the wine does get too cold the flavors will begin to dull. "At 32 degrees it starts getting a little worriesome I would say you might be able to go 25 for at least three days," said Duquist.

A lot of wine shipments require the signature of an adult upon arrival so that the box doesn't sit on your doorstep in harsh conditions.

So far Tagaris has not had to halt the shipment of any of their wine becaue of the cold temperatures but senders are made aware of the stipulation that the wine could go bad.

One other piece of advice to prtoect your purchase is to pay a little more to ship via an express method.