The Eagle's Toy Drive

 106.5 The Eagle's morning show host Jaxon is hosting the 4th annual Twelve Days of Christmas Toy Drive.

Jaxon is spending twelve days and twelve nights in what he calls the "toy tower". Which is basically a big wooden tree house in the parking lot of Ranch and Home in Kennewick.

He is broadcasting live from the toy tower every morning and at any time people can come, drop off toys and pay him a visit.

His goal is to fill up a whole truck full of toys to be donated to a variety of charaties in the community.

Jaxson said his whole reason for doing this toy drive is becasue he remembers what Christmas was like for him and his brother growing up with very little money. "It was heartbreaking watching our parents becasue they couldn't afford gifts and couldn't make a happy Chirstmas for us in their minds. That was very sad. I remember we would go to school and everybody would talk about the toys they got for Christmas when they got back from Christmas break and we would lie," he said.

Jaxon said he likes for people to bring whatever kind of toy they would typicall buy for a child.

Jaxon still has the first gift that was donated the first year he started the drive. It is a dog stuffed animal that he calls Spike who stays in the toy tower with him watching over the Tri Cities.