Richland Among Top Cities in Washington

The real estate research blog, Movoto, releases a ranking of top cities in Washington State and lists Richland at #10.

What Richland lacks in variety of coffee shops and seafood restaurants, it more than makes up for with its relatively short average commute time of 20 minutes and its lower than average cost of living (10 points below the national average).

Richland also scored well with a crime rate three percent below the state’s average, and a pretty solid median household income of over $65,500, to boot.

So what is the best city in The Evergreen State? Sorry, Seattle, but it looks like Issaquah has you beat. According to our study, here are the 10 cities in Washington:

1. Issaquah
2. Bellevue
3. Kirkland
4. Mercer Island
4. Olympia
6. Redmond
7. Mukilteo
8. Bellingham
9. Seattle
10. Richland

For the complete list and criteria used by Movoto, click here.