Agriculture Hall of Fame Inductees

Inductees for this year's Agriculture Hall of Fame class are honored for their hard work.

There are four different categories in the Ag Hall of Fame, the pioneer award, mentor leadership, young agribusiness man of the year, and visionary award   

It's a way to honor people who have made a huge impact in agriculture, an industry that our community relies on heavily.

All of the inductees say this is a huge honor.

Larry Olberding Jr, the young agribusiness man of the year said when he first got the call he thought it was a joke. He thought the committee was asking him for suggestions for nomintations.

He couldn't believe he was getting an honor that he had seen his grandparents, mentors and others in his life receive. "One of the other winners was my highschool agriculture teacher and I was very excited to see that becasue theres not a week that goes by that I don't do things that I learned from him," said Olberding.

Lyle Holt, the person Olberding is talking about is receiving the agricultural leadership award.

Dorothy Schoeppach another hall of fame inductee was the first woman president of the Pasco Chamber of Commerce.

She also came up with the original idea to start the agriculture hall of fame.

Willetta and Robert Burns are this years winners of the prioneer award.