Americans Players Ring Bells to Raise Money for the Salvation Army

<p>Americans Ring Bells</p>

Americans Ring Bells

Tri-City Americans players were at local Fred Meyers locations today ringing bells to raise money for the Salavtion Army.

A total of eight players volunteered, four at the location in Richland and four others at the location in Kennewick.     

The players joined the annual tradition volunteering for one hour greeting customers and asking for donations that will go to needy families this holiday season.

One player says this is a great way to get out and meet the fans face to face and give back to a community that is always in support of his team.

"It's nice to see everyone in the Christmas spirit being generous with their money and donating it to people they don't really see a connection to but they know where the money is going," said Justin Hamonic.

You can expect to see the players at Fred Meyers stores throughout the week.