Plenty of Excitement on Campus Today After Chiawana's Big Win

<p>Chiawana Riverhawks</p>

Chiawana Riverhawks

Chiawana High School students can't hold back their excitement on campus today after the Riverhawks won the state championship for the first time this weekend.

This afternoon the team held a news conference to talk about Saturday night's dramatics in the front of family and friends and a very shiny trophy, each player present took the time to talk about their favorite memory from the victorious game.

We got a chance to ask safety and wide receiver Deion Singleton what school was like today.

"It was a great feeling on campus, people notice you more," said Singleton. "Teachers and staff were more into the game than classes today."

There will be a school wide celebration on Friday, and the City of Pasco is also planning a recognition ceremony.