Remembering a Hero

<p>Dale Carpenter</p>

Dale Carpenter

Yakima is mourning the loss of one of it's heroes.

Longtime community service leader Dale Carpenter passed away Friday night, after four years of battling brain tumors.

Spencer Hatton has been a friend of Carpenter's for about 30 years, he visited him the night before his death.

"We came to his room, he was asleep, and we kissed him on the forehead and told him we loved him," said Hatton.

Carpenter passed away the next night, alongside family members.

His four year battle with brain tumors had finally concluded -- but his legacy is still continuing on in his friends and colleagues.

Pete Bansmer is out today ringing the Salvation Army bell for funds, something he says Carpenter was passionate about.

"This is a little bit of recognition for Dale, to pay back for what he has done," said Bansmer.

Carpenter's passion spread throughout the community, having to live off what his family could get from the Salvation Army as a child, he decided to dedicate his adult life to giving back to those who supported him in his time of need.

"He has that quirky sense of humor, but he also had that wonderful-wonderful heart, and that compassion, and that care for people beyond himself," said Hatton.

Carpenter has played major roles in nearly every fundraising event and program such as his Operation TINCUP, Feed the 5,000 and Operation Harvest.

His efforts won him the Ted Robertson Community Service Award in 2009.

"I can't imagine a community not feeling the same thing," said Camp Prime Time volunteer Ralph Berthon, "He was special, not just to me, he was special to our community."

For the last half of his life, Dale Carpenter touched many lives, impacted those he set out to help, and inspired others to give back to their community.

"I lost a mentor, a lot of people lost a friend, a tremendous friend," said Bansmer, "Somebody who encouraged you to do good deeds and take care of those less fortunate."

"Dale gave the precious gift of all; his time," said Hatton, "That is your precious gift, and he gave that."