2013 National Teacher of the Year Talks to Local School About His Experience

We introduced you to Jeff Charbonneau back in the spring when he became the 2013 National Teacher of the Year.

He said it has been an amazing year. He's accumulated 130,000 frequent flyer miles and has traveled to Japan and China twice.

But today he was back in Washington speaking to the Riverview school district staff about what he see for the future of education and no matter where he goes his message remains the same."The main idea is that we need to realize we are teaching students of all backgrounds and abilities to be successful no matter the circumstances and I firmly believe we are doing a pretty good job of that. I had the opportunity to travle to China and Japan as part of the national teacher of the year program and when I was there they kept asking how we teach students to think creatively, how we do this american education," said Charbonneau.

He said it is interesting to see what other places think about the United States becasue he thinks sometimes we beat ourselves up a little too much.

He said that when he goes to the east coast everyone wants to know about Washington because they hold the state in high regard.

Charbonneau is happy to be back in Washington close to home speaking to Riverview school district, and left the students with this message..."Hey I graduated from Zillah Highschool, I graduated form a school in the same league that you're in and I went to the white house and got to meet the president. If I can do that as a teacher imagine what you can do in whatever career that you choose."