Northwest Medstar Works to Fill Ambulance With Toys

Northwest Medstar, a group most well known for EMS helicopter rescues is switching gears this holiday season.

For the first year ever they are trying to fill one of their ambulances with toys to donate to Toys for Tots.

One of the Northwest Medstar crew member heard the organization was short on toys so the group came up with this idea on Monday and then asked their base chief if he could help make it a reality.

Their goal is to have the whole ambulance filled by Friday at noon.

Chief Casey said you can stop by the Northwest Medstar Quarters anytime to drop off a toy.

If you come between nine and five they have people at the office who can show you around.

You can look at all of the equiptment they use including the helicoptor and ask them any questions you have about what they do.

The address of the Northwest Medstar Crew Quarters is 1901 Airport Way in Richland.