Kids With Autism Learn How to Longboard

Crusin for a Cause, a group of longboarders is teaching autistic kids how to ride skateboards.

Learning how to ride a longboard helps these kids build resistance, motor strength, and cope with daily stressors.

Kids with autism typically have a tough time socializing and expressing their emotions, especially frustration.

But by being in a group of people that they are familiar with and learning something that they are interested in the kids are able to break out of their shell.

Matt Page the longboarding instructor and co-founder of Crusin for a Cause started the organization with his brother.

They wanted to break the stereotypes for skateboarder and people with disabilities.

So far Crusin for a Cause has just been able to connect with one kid at a time through word of mouth.

Today was the first time Matt got to help four kids all at once.

Each of the kids got to keep their longboards.  Matt told me those cost about $250 each but he was happy to give them to these kids.

Matt told me the organization helps kids with all kinds of disabilities. He told me about one kid who has sever schizophrenia but when she's longboarding she's so focused on what she is doing she can block the voices she hears and focus on what is real.