Chiawana Holds Pep Rally for the New State Champions

<p>Chiawana Pep Rally</p>

Chiawana Pep Rally

The entire school at Chiawana High School in Pasco gathered for a pep rally today to honor the Riverhawks football team on their victory.

The new state champions arrived in the gym and the crowd went wild.

A few players spoke about the last minute in that game, how they were taught to never give up and how that can be a lesson to everyone to apply in their own lives.

A highlight clip reel played and you could feel the school spirit in the room, some even shedding a tear or two.

Blake Bishop, who caught the game winning touchdown, said he nearly gave up but kept playing until it was over.

"When I saw the sign I teared up. With three minutes left in the game, I honestly gave up," said Bishop. "But we got the ball back and we won. We never gave up. This week I've felt like a superstar, all my teachers and friends congratulating me, It's been nice."