Fitters Bikes for Tikes

People of all ages filed into the Benton County Fairgrounds for one reason, to put together bikes.

Thanks to donations from contractors, the community and membership dues, the pipefitters union rasied over $100,000. 

Volunteers David and Jamie Rizzo said this helps them get into the Christmas spirit."Christmas can be such an awesome time for a lot of people and a really bad time for a lot of people. So it's cool to be apart of something that's going to make it a good time for families. Especially for kids getting gifts. Parents can't always get thier kids gifts so it's good to know that there kids are taken care of."

Bikes for Tikes started four years ago with just 124 bikes.

This year they are making close to 2,000.

1,000 of the bikes will be distributed during tomorrow's toys for tots distribution at the fairgrounds.

The rest will be spread out throughout several communities during the holiday season.