Honoring a Tradition

<p>David McKinney</p>

David McKinney

A Yakima man is braving the cold to live in a box for the next few days to collect donations for the needy.

David McKinney begins "Dale's Operation TINCUP" outside of Wrays on 56th Avenue, a charity started by the late Dale Carpenter.

Mckinney took over Carpenters position after he was diagnosed with brain tumors -- Carpenter passed away last week after battling it for four years.

Mckinney says Carpenter's passing gives him more motivation to continue the TINCUP tradition.

"That's what Dale would have done, and what he would have wanted to have done," said McKinney, "We started this whole campaign as a means to honor Dale and the tradition he established, and we wanted to stop at nothing to continue on with that tradition."

Mckinney says he will hold a small rememberance for Dale Carpenter at his donation spot tonight at 6 p.m.