TV Falls on 18 Month Old Baby

<p>Injured Baby</p>

Injured Baby

An 18 month old boy dies last night after a television falls on him.

Richland Police Captain Mike Cobb said the Richland PD received a 911 call yesterday around four 4 p.m.  that a tv had fallen off of a stand onto the toddler.

 The child was rushed to Kadlec Regional Medical Center where he died just before 7 p.m.

The coroner is not ready to release the child's name and and autopsy will be performed tomorrow morning.

The police did tell us that the child was being treated at the scene for massive head trauma.  

The incident appears to be accidental. Detectives are still investigating how the TV fell.

Annie Goodwin from the Benton Franklin Safe Kids Coalition says TVs are becoming more dangerous because they are moving in rooms like the bedroom and being placed on dresser where kids can climb up the drawers.

"It's really important to secure things to the wall to secure the dressers to the wall so we will prevent those type of tip overs. This is a child but it's not jsut children that get injured teenagers and adults get injured too," said Goodwin.

She said everyone should secure their furniture to the wall and suggests using wall straps.

Goodwin also suggests putting stopper on your drawers so that kids can't climb up and shift the TV and futniture.

These types of injuries are preventable that is why precautionary steps need to be taken.

The Benton Franklin Safe Kids Coalition said in the US one child died every three weeks from a televition tipping over on them, and nearly 13,000 more are injured annualy.