Surveillance Video Helps KPD Catch Burglar in the Act

<p>Washington Surplus</p>

Washington Surplus

Kennewick Police catch a burglar in the act stealing more than $18,000 in metal materials early this morning.

Kyle Trapp was arrested and booked for 1st degree theft when the owner of Washington Surplus saw Trapp on surveilance stealing from his business.

The owner was recently burgalrized and installed a video surveillance system that he can watch from home in real time.

Here you see Trapp pull up in a pick-up truck, get out of his truck and start taking things apart in the sheds placed behind the business.

The owner happened to see Trapp pull up and immediately called 911.

Officers arrive and catch Trapp trying to dismantle electrical equipment and he had already loaded the thousands of dollars worth of metal materials into his truck.

No word yet on whether this is related to the recent string of burgalries in Kennewick.