UPDATE: Missing Kennewick Teen Safe in Mexico with Family

<p>Elizabeth Romero</p>

Elizabeth Romero

Kennewick Police say the parents of 14-year-old Elizabeth Romero received information over the weekend that the missing teen has been seen by immediate family in Jalisco, Mexico and is safe.

Romero is still listed as a runaway with the Kennewick Police Department (KPD) because that is how her mother originally reported her missing when she did not come home from school.  It was of course nearly 24 hours later when information developed that she had left the state with 19-year-old Edwardo Fabien Flores Rosales.  Due to her age of 14 and his age of 19, she cannot legally give consent to runaway with a 19 year old man. That by legal definition is abduction and hence why the KPD has issued a Kidnapping 2nd Degree Warrant for Rosales. If Romero had been 16 years of age she could have then legally given consent to leave with the 19 year old.

Due to the fact that she is no longer in danger and she is only listed as a runaway, no federal or private organization will assist in returning Romero from Mexico.