McDonald's Helps Union Gospel Mission Build New Men's Facility

In celebration of their 40th anniversary all of the Tri Cities McDonalds are donating 40 cents of every drink to the Union Gospel Mission so that the mission can build a new men's facility. So far they have raised $80,000.

The mens facility hasn't been rennovated since it was built in 1958.

It was built to sleep 45 people and currently houses 105.

The donations from McDonald's will be used to help build a brand new men's facility on 3rd and Columbia, just two blocks from the current building.

Andrew Porter, the associate director of the mission, said the new place will have four times at much room.

They will be able to sleep more people and they are going to have an education center with a computer lab and areas for people to finish their GED.

The Untion Gospel Mission hopes to break ground this fall.

Donations from McDonalds continue through December 24th.