Food Stamp Reductions Causing Long Lines At Local Food Banks

Food stamp reductions were put in place throughout the country November 1st, reducing the number of meals people can purchase by as many as 15-20 a month.

Since then people and food banks have been feeling the effects.

St. Vincent DePaul usually starts its distrubution at 11 oclock on Wednesdays, but since they had a line around the block by 8 A.M. they opened their doors a little bit earlier today.

Ted Scott, the director at St. Vincents tells me they typically have about 600 people come through the doors this time of year for food boxes.

Last Wednesday they gave out 830, and from the looks of the line they expected to do even more today.

Ramon Lords was one of those waiting on line. He said his sister and her husband recieve food stamps and their alloted amount got cut to $16 a month. "They are both on disability they are both blind so there's not much jobs for them and I just hate to see it. She can cook but they use tv dinners thats about the only food they get, tv dinners," said Lords.

Lords is not on food stamps, but said me he comes to St. Vincents on wWdnesdays to get a box of food not only for himself but to help feed his sister and brother in law too.