Bed and Breakfast Seeks Christmas Gift Lift Nominations

<p>Cameo Heights Mansion</p>

Cameo Heights Mansion

Touchet, Wash. -- Cameo Heights Mansion bed and breakfast is seeking nominations for seven couples who are undergoing very tough trials, financial blows, deteriorating health, loss of loved ones, etc. to stay at their resort on Monday, January 20th.

The purpose of the giveaway is to extend to seven couples a chance to enjoy the resort and be able to catch their breath, even for a night. The Mansion’s award winning Chef Nathan will prepare 14-seven course dinners to accompany their night stay.

“I wish we could give away a whole month, one night or two for every person nominated. But, of course, that is not possible; otherwise we would find ourselves in a position where instead of being able to help, we will ourselves be in a position of need. I hope all persons reading these nomination remember one thing which we have learned from firsthand experience: Being poor is in no ways a sin or shame, just ridiculously inconvenient,” says owner Alan Fielding.

The deadline to nominate is 12:00 pm on December 24, 2013. Nominations are to be made at

Winners will be notified on Christmas Day.