Franklin PUD awards "Red Wagon" to Pasco girl

<p>Dalia Aguilar</p>

Dalia Aguilar

‘Tis the season of giving and Franklin PUD has a program that allows customers and employees to help those who can't pay their electricity bills. When PUD customers donate to the Helping Hands program, 100% of their donations go to help low-income families pay their electricity bills.

The 2013 Helping Hands “Win the Wagon” campaign is heralded as one of the best campaigns in past years raising over $2,000 for families in need. This campaign is funded by employees who donate toys to fill a wagon and Franklin PUD Customer Service Representatives ask customers for donations. For each $1 donation, the customer’s name is put in a drawing to win a wagon full of toys, or one of two large gift baskets.

A drawing was held yesterday and the proud winner of the red wagon filled with toys was Dalia Aguilar, a fourth grader at St. Patrick’s school in Pasco. She is 9 years old and said when she won the wagon, “I’ve never won anything and even if I didn’t win it, I still have my family”. But she promised to share her winnings with her brother, sister and parents. In addition, Amalio Delgado and Joel Hernandez each won one of the large gift baskets. Stu Nelson, Commissioner for Franklin PUD, also donated new coats, scarves, hats and gloves that were given out to those customers who attended.