All I Want for Christmas is...

<p>Santa Claus</p>

Santa Claus

As kids, we all sent off our Christmas lists to Santa or mom and dad, sometimes asking for truckloads of items.

But what if you could only ask for one thing from Santa this year?

I asked several people around our area to fill in the blank, 'all I want for christmas is _____"

"I want some alone time, some mommy time, because I have a new 5-month old and I have no time to myself," said Amber Unthank.

Some want a white Christmas.

"I want snow, because I love snow and I think we should have had snow by now," said Jan Lowell, "And I want everybody to be happy and healthy."

While others preferred our dry weather.

"I would like for everyone in the world to have a wonderful sunny day like this," said Mike Isaacs.

But on a more serious note, some say they want people to take the time to think about those celebrating the holidays overseas and away from their families.

"The military is important to me, and I know a lot of the servicemen are away from their families," said Gabbie Schweers, "So just letting them know that you really-really care is the most important thing for Christmas."

Based off the answers we received today, it looks like Santa has a lot on his plate for the next few hours.