Memorable Chirstmas Lights in Honor of Husband's Wish

Melody Kinswa's husband is battling terminal cancer. Her sole holiday wish was to fulfill his dream of creating a tremendous light display at their house, as she called it "a griswold Christmas". 

David Kinswa, a loving father of five, has been battling brain cancer since 2012. Six months ago things took a turn for the worst. Doctors discovered a tumor in David's abdomen that is also cancerous and changed his diagnosis to terminal.

This year melody wanted to make a Christmas dream come true for David by giving him a griswald Christmas. So she posted an add on facebook in the Hermiston classifieds.

People were touched by the ad and within a week Melody had five duffle bags full of donated lights.

On sunday friends of the family rallied together and put up all the lights for the Kinswas.

The Kinswa's oldest son, 17 year old Michael knows how important putting the lights on their house has always been to his dad.

Now, thanks to the support of the community michael and the rest of the family will have those memories plus this new one to hold onto forever.