Holiday Shopping Marathon Continues

Christmas may be over but the holiday shopping marathon continues.

Shoppers flooded Columbia Center mall for post Christmas sales and to spend their christmas money.

Many shoppers think sales are even better today than before Christmas, and those sales often do the job.

"I think it's for the good deals," said Patrick Conrad. "You walk around the stores see something that looks kind of good, and your like I think I'll get that and some sales are 50% off so I'm like oh I think I could use an extra sweatshirt."

Some shoppers are even considering celebrating christmas later so they can get the presents and the deals.

"We're getting together on Saturday and doing our Christmas and after Christmas there are always sales and that's the best time to shop," said Gloria Holdren.

For others, shopping today is part of their Christmas present.

"We opened a few presents that we got but out big present is coming here," said Nicole Kempken.

Either way, people were shopping for themselves today and not even thinking about gifts for next Christmas.

"I haven't even thought about that I just got through yesterday," said Conrad.