Shippers Swamped With Christmas Deliveries



It's been a busy holiday season, not only for shoppers, but also shipping companies around the country.

Both UPS and FedEx have come under fire from angry customers, after a shipping backlog left many people still waiting for their Christmas presents to arrive.

FedEX says some contributing factors this year was receiving more packages to deliver than projected, some of that coming from more online shopping and shipping options.

And weather, which affected air travel in some parts of the country.

Felicity Pittman of Yakima says she did not get her packages in time for Christmas -- despite the setback, she says she wants to remain optimistic and remember what the holiday is all about.

"It's alright, Christmas is not all about packages, it's about getting your family together and spedning time together,"said Pittman, "They're doing their best, everybody just tries to do their best and that's all they can do."

FedEx says they were projected to handle about 275 million shipments thiis holiday season, while UPS projected about 130 million.