Miracle Baby Is Inspiration For The New Year

Alex Srubek and her husband Matt are now the parents of two young kids. They both said that after their newest addition, Gabrielle's eventful arrival, their new years resolution is simple. Appreciate everything.

Four weeks into Alex Srubek's latest pregnancy the embryo attached onto the c-section scar from her son. She was told she would most likely miscarry.

Five months into the pregnancy Alex had heavy bleeding and assumed the worst.

"I thought I lost her so we went to the hospital and they pretty much prepared me that's hat happened and they couldn't find her heartbeat. But when we did the ultra sound she was there," said Srubek

That was when Alex really knew this was a really special baby.

After that Alex's pregnancy continued normally until this past Friday night when pains in Alex's stomach becomes so severe her husband rushed her to the emergency room at Trios Health.

Alex's placenta had ruptured causing her to bleed internally and cutting off the baby's source of oxygen.

Alex was rushed into surgery with a team of doctors and nurses comforting her along the way.

While Alex was hanging  on so was her baby.

Doctors don't know how but the baby was holding onto a small piece of placenta.

Doctors say the difference between life and death for mother and baby was just a matter of minutes.

Amazingly Alex and her husband Matt are entering a new year with their miracle little girl Gabrielle, who was transferred to Kadlec Regional Medical Centers Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and is doing very well.