New Year, Same Goals?

Another year is hours away from wrapping up, and many of you are probably thinking about some goals for the next 365 days.

Some are looking to expand their careers and personal lives.

"My new years resolution is to be a better person, find better jobs, and hopefully reunite with my family," said Juan Mincitar.

"Start working; I just graduated with my masters in nursing and I'm excited about getting my license and starting work in the Yakima Valley," said Lindsey Moore.

While others, are looking at cutting back on a few indulgences.

"Last year I got a little bit crazy with spending habits, maybe it was towards the end of the year with Christmas," said Levi Wyatt, "But I would definitely like to manage my accounts a little bit better."

According to TIME magazine, goals like these aren't far off from the normal.

In fact, resolving to cut back on spending, finding a new job, or picking up a gym membership are some of the top resolutions americans make every year.

"I am going to try to start walking more to lose some weight, because I was diagnosed as diabetic this year," said Lorrie Boutillier, "So for my health, that's what I am going to do."

Coincidentally, many of these simple resolutions are also the most easily forgotten; whether it's eating better, excercising more, or quitting smoking.

We asked people why so many of these goals go unresolved.

"People pick goals and don't have a plan in place as how to execute them very well," said Moore.

"We're creatures of habit, and its sounds like a great idea right away, but a lot of people don't actually follow through with what they promise themselves," said Wyatt.

"I think people are lazy," said Boutillier.

But some believe there are those who take their goals seriously, and a new year is just another reminder to finish them.

"There's people that keep it in their heads and stay strong and keep with it," said Mincitar.