Rodeo clown encourages students to end school bullying

<p>Anti-Bullying Assembly</p>

Anti-Bullying Assembly

A rodeo clown is speaking with students across the Mid-Columbia this week to try and put an end to school bullying.

Rodeo clown JJ Harrison says raising your awareness is the best way to prevent bullying at school.

Harrison, who performs at the Benton Franklin Fair and Rodeo spoke with students at Maya Angelou Elementary School in Pasco this afternoon.

He says there are two things students should focus on when thinking about how to stop bullies.

He says you should know the difference between bullying and teasing.

And you should know the difference between reporting problems and being a tattle-tale.

Harrison says bullying is when another person is repeatedly aggressive toward another person, and if you find that happening to yourself or someone else, you should let an adult know.

"When you're being bullied, you report. And reporting is a very different thing. You report bullies, you tattle-tale on somebody teasing you. And I think if I can get a kid to understand that, it identifies what bullying truly is better, and it puts the kids in a better situation, the more knowledge situation, that they can identify and therefore deal with it in an appropriate way" said Harrison.

Harrison says bullies are good kids, they just may not know they're being bullies.

He says some other tips to keep in mind are to treat others how you want to be treated, be courteous and polite, and listen to what others have to say.

Harrison will speak with students in Benton City, West Richland and Richland tomorrow and Thursday.