In-Home Caregivers Rally in Olympia

<p>In-Home Caregivers</p>

In-Home Caregivers

Hundreds of in-home caregivers from around Washington State rally in Olympia today for a pay raise, including about 25 people from our area.

The caregivers want a 50-cent increase, bringing their hourly pay to 10 dollars and fifty cents.. it would be their first pay raise in four years.

They spoke to lawmakers this morning.. and marched on the capitol to lobby for the money in the next budget.

Bruce Mccutchen, from Walla Walla, says he loves his job but it's hard to make ends meet when the pay is so low.

"It makes me angry that i have to come here to beg for my raise. We haven't had one in four years. And they want 50 cents this year and 50 cents next year.. and that's not nearly enough," says McCutchen.

"It's hard to pay our bills. We have to choose between rent, medical, or to feed our families, our kids," says Camilla Lambert from the Tri-Cities area.

Lawmakers say they were impressed with the stories from the caregivers, but it's too soon to commit to anything. 

The event was organized by service employees international union.