Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility Shuts Down Last Furnace

The Umatilla Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (UMCDF) has shut down the last operating furnace at the demilitarization plant.

The Metals Parts Furnace (MPF) began its key role in destroying the Umatilla Chemical Depot stockpile in September of 2005.  Over the past seven years and 5 months the MPF destroyed more than 1 million pounds of chemical agent and processed more than 100,000 munitions.  All the bombs, projectiles, spray tanks and ton containers in the Umatilla stockpile were processed through the MPF.

UMCDF used four furnaces to destroy the Umatilla stockpile.  The Deactivation Furnace System was used to destroy rockets and mines, and two Liquid Incinerators destroyed the bulk of the chemical agent drained from the munitions.  They were all shut down previously.

In addition to processing the larger munitions, the MPF was the furnace used to destroy secondary waste, everything from used protective suits to filters and life support air hoses.  The MPF processed nearly 1.5 million pounds of secondary waste since the end of agent operations in late October 2011.

The last load of secondary waste to be processed through the MPF exited the furnace Friday afternoon, about the same time the project delivered a report to the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) confirming the shut down.  Any secondary waste generated as closure work continues will be shipped to the regional landfill 40 mines west at Arlington, Ore., or, if needed, to Veolia Environmental Services in Port Arthur, Texas.

Closure work at UMCDF is expected to continue through 2014.