WSU Professor Gets Quarter Million Dollar Grant

<p>WSU Tri-Cities</p>

WSU Tri-Cities

A WSU Tri-Cities associate professor gets a $260, 000 grant to research and develop new math teaching materials for middle schoolers.

Dr. Amy Roth McDuffie received the grant from the National Science Foundation

She is one of several researchers from four universities  in the U.S. working on the project.

McDuffie says there is a pattern nationwide of the math skills that kids can learn.

She aims to standardize the teaching methods and curriculum to level the playing field for all students.

"What we're seeking to do is really understand how teachers use the textbooks in working with students. And helping them to align what the state and the nation say needs to be taught at certain grade levels with where their students are, and what the students need to learn," said McDuffie.)

She will also research online teaching programs and tablet applications for middle schoolers.

The total grant amount was $2.2 million which was split between the four universities.