Mixed Results as Voters Decide on School Bonds

Ballots are now being counted as voters make their decision in tonight's special election.

The Pasco, Richland, Walla Walla and Touchet school districts all have bonds on tonight's ballot, each of which need a 60% super majority to pass.

Pasco ran a $46.8 million bond to pay for three new elementary schools, and other improvements.  As of right now, it is just short (59.35%) of the 60% supermajority to pass.

Richland ran a $98 million bond to replace three elementary schools and a new middle school and other improvements.  In Richland, the bond has passed (65.75%).

Walla Walla ran a $48 million bond to renovate Walla Walla High School.  This proposal is falling short at 53.3%.

And Touchet ran a $6.5 million dollar bond to renovate Touchet Secondary School (K-12 School), and right now that is passing by the slimmest of margins (60.39%).

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