Sci-fi fans gather in Pasco for RadCon



Thousands of sci-fi and fantasy fans are gathering in Pasco this weekend for the annual RadCon science fiction convention.

RadCon organizers describe the event as a fun gathering of the geeks.

Just about everyone is in costume, and those attending say this is a great opportunity to meet new people and relax in an environment they can't get anywhere else.

Richland's Kyra Daniels has been preparing for this weekend's sci-fi convention for months.

She started working on her costume as a troll last year.

"I've got friends who are dressed up from the same web comic that I am, called Homestuck, just here to have a great time" said Daniels.

RadCon kicked off this afternoon at the Red Lion Hotel in Pasco.

Organizers expect about 2,500 people to attend the three day convention.

"And we have just about everything for any geek. We have costumes, we have games, we have larping, we have books, we have editors, we have independent film" said Elizabeth Vann, RadCon organizer.

And it's not just people from the Mid-Columbia attending, fantasy fans from across the northwest are here.

David Yake traveled nearly 200 miles from Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

"I really wanted to go to a sci-fi fantasy convention before college, so here I am" said Yake.

More than a dozen vendors are at the event selling comics, cards and toys.

But one of the biggest draws is the costume contest.

Nearly everybody is dressed up as some kind of character, and many spend countless hours perfecting their look.

"RadCon is one of my favorite things of the year. It's great to get here with everybody, and see everybody dressed up, and dress up along with them" said Kia Kaiba, Richland resident.

But dressing up isn't a requirement.

Kennewick's Terold Poma isn't wearing a costume, but decided to bring his bearded dragon and albino colombian red tail boa to the convention.

"It keeps them friendly, it keeps them happy, it keeps them socialized, and helps educate other people other than just people who own them" said Poma.

Many covered in make-up say the event gives them an opportunity to let their creativity run free, even if it takes them a while to get ready.

"It's totally worth it, and it's non-melting, so I'm pretty sure I'll be good for the whole day" said Daniels.

RadCon runs until Sunday night.

If you want to attend, tickets cost $40.