Pacific Power Working To Prevent More Bird-Related Power Outages

<p>Greg Craber</p>

Greg Craber

It's been about 24 hours since power was restored to 6,000 people in Selah.

Pacific Power says the cause of the blackout was due to a bird getting caught in a substation conductor.

In November, bird interference caused more than 7,000 people to lose power in Toppenish and Zillah.

We asked Pacific Power if it was taking any steps to prevent more birds from getting caught in the machinery and causing future power outages.

"We are in the midst of a process to intensify all the protections around the substations," said spokesperson Tom Gauntt, "You basically enclose it sufficiently that even a small bird probably can't get in it."

The company says it currently has protection set up to prevent ground animals, such as squirrels, from getting near the substations.