WA state lawmakers to discuss gas tax increase

<p>Gas Pumps</p>

Gas Pumps

Washington state lawmakers plan to discuss a gas tax increase tomorrow that would cost drivers an extra 10 cents per gallon at the pump.

The proposed gas tax hike will be part of a transportation revenue package, put forward by the House Transportation Committee.

Some drivers in our area say many roads are in desperate need of repair, so they would support the gas tax increase.

But others say gas is already too expensive.

"I think we're taxed enough already" said Doug Burnett, West Richland resident.

"I have to commute, my son goes to school out here at Liberty Christian, and commuting from the other side of Kennewick to Richland, gas is already expensive enough for me" said Jared Evans, Kennewick resident.

"I do know that the roads are not that great, but they do try to keep up with patching it and everything like that" said Connie White, Burbank resident.

"They need some more help?" we asked.

"Yeah" said White.

The tax hike proposal would require a two-thirds majority in both the House and the Senate, or it would need to be passed by a public vote to become law.