Professional speaker uses magic to motivate Finley students

<p>Brad Barton</p>

Brad Barton

A nationally recognized professional speaker uses magic to motivate students in Finley today.

Brad Barton spoke with students at River View High School this morning.

He did magic tricks to show people the difference between illusions and reality.

Barton says when he was in school, he was picked on and some people didn't believe in him, but he proved them wrong by becoming a world class runner.

He wants students to avoid being influenced by the illusions that others create, and instead invest in themselves.

"I want those kids to say, I can relate to that and if he can do it, I've got a lot more talent than that fella does, and I can do some great things as well. So I really want them to come out of here saying I can do more. I can become a better person" said Barton.

Barton recommends you set high goals for yourself, even if they may seem unrealistic at the time.