Possible Pipe Bomb in Area Turns Out to be Marijuana

<p>"Pipe bong"</p>

"Pipe bong"

About 30 people are evacuated from their homes in Yakima this morning after a Pacific Power employee discovers what looked like a pipe bomb.

Yakima Police say the call came in around 11:30, a section of H Street between North 2nd and 3rd Street was closed off while a bomb squad was brought in to detonate the device.

After crews recovered the pipe, they found it full of about half a pound of marijuana.

One neighbor says he is surprised people would go to such lengths just to hide their drugs.

"I couldn't imagine any reason they'd want to make a bomb, unless they left it there for somebody to pick it up and they wanted everybody to leave it alone in the meantime," said Kent Trainer, "That's an even newer one. I didn't even see that coming."

"I've never seen anything like that before, [and] this my fifth pipe bomb in five years," said Sgt. Mike Henne, "You never know what's inside until you blow it open, and check it out."

People were allowed to return to their homes shortly after, police are still trying to figure out how the fake bomb got into the area.