TRIDEC Turns 50

<p>Tridec Turns 50</p>

Tridec Turns 50

The Tri-Cities Washington Development Council is celebrating 50 years in business this weekend.

For five decades TRIDEC has advanced business and the economy in the Tri-Cities region, which has changed dramatically over the years.  In 1963, the population of the Tri-Cities was 65-thousand, it's now over 250-thousand.

TRIDEC President and CEO Carl Adrian says TRIDEC was once very Hanford focused, but has moved into diversifying the local economy, with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory at the forefront. 

"I think PNNL, which is federal but certainly not Hanford, there's a lot of technology there that the community would like to capitolize on.  We're hoping more of that technology gets commercialized in the Tri-CIties and not outside the Tri-Cities," says Adrian.

He says other important industries in the region include agriculture and tourism. 

Tomorrow night TRIDEC is holding a 50th anniversary party at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick.