Gun Rights Supporters Rally along Columbia Center

About a hundred people lined Columbia Center Boulevard Saturday Afternoon to show their support for the 2nd Amendment.

They waved flags and signs with messages about the importance of gun rights.

It was all part of the National Day of Resistance, held on February 23rd, or .223, which is the ammunition used in many assault rifles.

There was a lot of honking from passing cars, and some brought their entire family.

Andrew Lawman even came from Bremerton to join his father on the sidewalk.

"Today's a big event for 2nd Amendment rights and that's why I'm here.  Everybody here is supporting for what they believe to be fair and true," he said.

Leon Howard of West Richland added "These laws, it's like they want to arrest the guns rather than the criminals, so we're here to tell the people that we all need to support [the 2nd amendment]."

"People are really honking and waving and smiling and saying 'yay'.  That's wonderful," said Norma Nunamaker of Richland.

There were National Day of Resistance events held across the country to protest proposed Gun Control Legislation.