Comedian inspires students in Pasco

<p>Ernie G</p>

Ernie G

One of the top Latino comedians in the country comes to Pasco today to inspire students to achieve their goals.

Ernie G, who calls himself an empowerment comedian, spoke with students at New Horizons High School.

Using comedy, he challenged students to take ownership of their lives and get a quality education.

He says there are not a lot of Latino role models who are educated and making a positive difference in America, and he wants to change that.

"I'm a Latino guy from Los Angeles, I'm on a bunch of TV shows nobody watches, and if I made it, then they can make it. I relate to them, and they look at me and think, man, he's like my cousin, he's like my uncle, he's a Latino dude and he's educated. That dude's cool, I wanna be just like him. So that's my message" said Ernie G.

Ernie G is hoping to inspire students to be well-educated, so they can inspire generations to come.