Riverfront Development for Kennewick


Crews are clearing land on the Kennewick riverfront to make room for a new development.

A local investment group, BW Land,  has purchased 22 acres of land next to the Blue Bridge for three million dollars.

One of the partners, Kennewick businessman Jim Bullis, say the group is working with the city, as well as retailers and developers to design a community complete with condos, a hotel, restaurants, shopping and more.

Kennewick's mayor, Steve Young, says he has long dreamed of this type of riverfront development in Kennewick.  "I envision restaurants, retail space, what they call patio homes, high rise condos ... we've longed for this on the river.  We've just needed someone to step up and invest and that's what's happening."

The development partners say they hope to be breaking ground on the new riverfront community within a year.