Man In Critical Condition After Being Shot In The Head

<p>Wapato Shooting</p>

Wapato Shooting

A Wapato man is in critical condition after being involved in what police are calling a gang-related shooting.

Wapato police say it happened around 4:45 at the CrossRoads Market on the corner of Donald and Track Road.

Police say two men were entering the store when shots were fired at them.

Officers say one man in his twenties was found shot at least once in the head, and was immediately taken to Yakima Regional -- the two men are known gang members.

Police say the store is a hotspot for gang activity.

"In this area, there are several known gang houses, and they're rival gangs," said Wapato Police Chief Tracy Rosenow, "So this intersection is a location where sometimes the rival gang members see each other and therefore we have issues in this area."

Police say a single eye witness was located and was questioned about the shooting.