Wapato Schools Preparing for Possible Cuts

<p>Wapato Middle School</p>

Wapato Middle School

With the sequestration deadline this Friday, the Wapato School District says it is bracing for the possible cuts.

The school district says it is facing a 5 to 8% cut to it's federal funding.

About 25% of its funding comes from the federal level -- those funds go towards daily operational costs and school support services such as migrant and bilingual programs.

The district's Special Programs Director says if those funds are cut, the biggest impact will be felt in the special programs department.

"I'm scared," said Special Programs Director Shawn Thurman, "We're doing everything we can with the money that we get here in Wapato to give our kids what they need to be successful in the global economy. And if we go through and we get funds pulled away from us, that's going to make it that much more difficult for us to provide services for these students that they desperately need."

The school district says it has already set its budget through July, however, it will need to set a new budget for next year if the cuts are made.