Basketball Tournament Expected to Boost Local Economy

Over two dozen high school basketball teams are competing for a 1A and 2A title this weekend, and that means a boost to the Yakima economy.

The Yakima Valley Sports Commission says this year's basketball tournament is expected to bring in at least two and a half million dollars to the local economy.

Last year, the event brought in 2.8 million dollars and rented about 3,700 hotel rooms.

The sports commission says this is the third year since the state tournament has been reduced from a two week event, to a three day event -- however, it still has an impact on the local economy.

"We can't control the format of the tournament, so we're just happy with anything that we have," said Yakima Valley Sports Commission Director, Rich Austin, "We're one of only three communities in the state to host state basketball. So while our numbers are down, both hotel rooms and dollars to the economy, we're just happy to have the event that we do have now."

Spokane hosts the 1B and 2B tournaments, while the 3A and 4A tournaments are in Tacoma