Police Find Panhandler Dead In Car

<p>Taco Bell</p>

Taco Bell

Yakima police find one of their most prolific panhandlers dead in his car Tuesday near a Taco Bell.

Police say 56-year-old Douglas Budd, was found in his car with a syringe in his arm -- they believe he died from an overdose.

In addition, officers found almost two thousand dollars in cash, and half a pound of heroin worth about 83 thousand dollars.

Police say budd was also a known drug dealer in the area.

"While he's out there doing the drugs, dealing the drugs, people are still giving him money," said Captain Rod Light, "He's actually a known supplier to other individuals out there standing on the street corner."

The Yakima County coroner says it could take up to 4 weeks to determine if Budd's death was caused by an overdose.