Hastings speaks about federal spending issues

<p>Doc Hastings</p>

Doc Hastings

Congressman Doc Hastings (R) spoke with hundreds of people at a luncheon today at the Real Ag Show in Pasco.

Hastings spoke briefly about agriculture, but he mostly spoke about our country's debt, saying Americans should brace themselves for a tough year.

He says America has a massive spending problem, and if the country continues to spend the way it is, it will become unsustainable.

Hastings says the fiscal cliff deal did not solve the problem, because it didn't address the spending issues.

Now, he anticipates a large political fight coming up as we approach the debt ceiling deadline.

He says the solution is to pay off our bills, and if the debt ceiling is raised, spending needs to be cut so it doesn't surpass the country's revenue.

"This is a country of the people, and they need to understand the challenges that we face and the options on the table. Because doing nothing is not an option" said Hastings.

Hastings hopes Congress will address the spending issue in the next 60 or 90 days.

He says, hopefully, a solution will be reached by then.

Concerning agriculture - Hastings says he is pushing for immigration reform, with a guest worker program.

He says many farmers who rely on immigrants for work aren't sure if their labor force will return each year.

Hastings says he wants to change that and give farmers peace of mind, by helping to allow a consistent labor force that can return to work without problems each year.