Prosser's Consolidated Dispatch

<p>New consolidated dispatch for Prosser</p>

New consolidated dispatch for Prosser

Starting January 8th, if you have an emergency in the City of Prosser you must call 9-1-1 and not the previous number directly to the police department.

If you do call the familiar 786-1500 number you'll hear a recorded message re-directing you to other numbers for city services.

Prosser City Council has decided to contract it's emergency dispatch to SECOMM in Richland to save money.

The new system will save the city about $220, 000 each year, but five dispatchers lost their jobs in the change -- and not everybody is happy about it.

"I think it's a bad thing coz we live down here and everything goes up there to the TriCities, 20-something miles away. It was easier as a bartender when I worked here in town. You could call straight over to the police station," says Denise Haynes.

"I think getting rid of the dispatcher was a bad idea. I really do. We've always had a dispatch here... It's always worked great.  I think they could have found some cuts somewhere else besides our local dispatch, says Rick Stafford, the owner of Hog Heaven BBQ.

Prosser's police station will now close at night, but the lobby will remain open with one telephone for emergency calls.  

Meanwhile, the city's jail is also closing with arrested suspects being escorted straight to Benton County Jail.