Retro Gaming Store Opens In Yakima

<p>Nintendo Games</p>

Nintendo Games

It's probably been a long time since you've played Pac-Man-- but if you're a fan of retro video games there's a new place to shop in Yakima.

1-up games opened its doors this morning to people looking to for classic games dating back to the '80's.

The store's  owner, 22 year old Alex Smith, has bought, sold and traded video games online for years.

Smith's store is the only one in the area selling classic games such as Pac-Man, Astroids, Galaga and Nintendo games.  

He hopes it will be a success.

"People love classic video games, and it's just one of those things because a lot of times it brings people to their childhood," said Smith, "I still enjoy playing original Mario Brothers, playing Paper Boy every once in a while. It's just fun because just like watching Saturday morning cartoons, you remember what you did as a kid and how it was fun."

1-Up games is open from Tuesday to Saturday, noon to 6, and is located on 28th and Washington Avenue.