Friends mourn the deaths of two Grandview teens

<p>Roses left for the two teens</p>

Roses left for the two teens

A gray cloud of grief hangs over Grandview High School today, after two students were killed and another remains in critical condition after a tragic car crash last night.

"Very sad. Can't believe it's real. Can't believe it was him. Just hard to believe" said Armando Vargas, friend.

Just after 6 PM yesterday, three teenagers driving on Evans Road just outside Grandview crashed into a tree off the road.

The driver, 17 year-old Jovannie Razo is still alive.

But 16 year-olds Kevin Lopez and Carlos Ochoa, who were passengers in the car, died.

Today, some of their classmates came to the crash site to place roses next to the tree and remember their friends.

"Kevin was a really funny guy. Everybody loved him. I was always hanging out with him in the summer, going to the swimming pool, to his house, playing basketball" said Vargas.

"I just really knew Carlos. He was a good guy. He made everybody laugh. Everybody liked him. Nobody hated him. He was a funny guy" said Demetrio Castaneda, friend.

Benton County sheriff's deputies believe the car was speeding through the area and the driver lost control, causing the car to roll into the tree.

The speed limit on Evans Road is 50 miles an hour, but investigators say Razo was going much faster than that.

"We're still actively investigating the case. We don't know if it was a mechanical problem, or it was just a bad decision made by some young teens" said Lt. Chuck Jones, Benton County Sheriff's Office.

Students at Grandview High School are trying to cope with the unexpected loss.

Extra counselors came to campus today to support the students and staff.

"It's a sad thing for them. I can tell you they ran out of tissues at the high school and I had to have some more brought in because it's going on" said Kevin Chase, Grandview School District Superintendent.

Now, all that's left at the crash site are reminders of the teens - loose pages of homework litter the area.

Friends say they'll do their best to move on, but admit healing will take time.

"Can't believe it was him. Just can't believe it was really him" said Castaneda.

Benton County sheriff's deputies are still investigating the crash.

They plan to return to the scene on Friday to take measurements of the car's pathway and document other important information.

The Benton County Coroner is requesting routine toxicology reports for the two teenagers.

Sheriff's deputies say there is no evidence to suggest alcohol or drugs played a role in the crash.