Fire destroys Kennewick home

<p>Firefighters at the scene Thursday morning.</p>

Firefighters at the scene Thursday morning.

A Kennewick man is without a home tonight after a fire tears through his house early this morning.

Fire crews believe the fire may have started from a wood stove that was burning inside the home.

The flames broke out just after 10 AM at a house on East 7th Avenue.

Nobody was injured during the fire because nobody was home.

The man who lives at the house said he went out to run some errands.

Before he left, he had his wood stove on to heat the house.

The man thought the fire was out before he left, but investigators say it may not have been completely extinguished.

"We do know that there was a wood stove that was going near one of the windows, where there's quite a bit of fire, the chimney that's coming out of there. The occupant said that he had to leave for about 40 minutes. When he came back, the fire department was already here, so he was unaware of the fire" said Mark Yaden, Kennewick Fire Marshal.

Firefighters say this was a difficult fire to extinguish.

It took them about an hour to put out all the flames.

They say there was a new roof installed over the existing roof of the home, which made it difficult to ventilate the house.

Also, there were no fire hydrants on the block, so it took firefighters some extra time to hook up to hydrants in nearby areas.

The house is a total loss, the cost of the damage is estimated to be about $65,000.

Firefighters are still investigating the cause of the fire.

They plan to return to the home later this week to find the origin of the flames.