Sporting Goods Stores See Spike In Seahawks Gear Sales

<p>Russell Wilson Jersey</p>

Russell Wilson Jersey

We're just two days away from the divisional round NFL playoff match up between the Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons -- and Seahawks gear sales are going through the roof.

Local sporting goods stores say they have seen a spike in sales over the past few weeks, most of those sales coming from Seahawks fan gear.

The most popular selling items are Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch jerseys.

Employees say people have been filing in all week, hoping to find the jerseys in stock.

"We usually get it one day, and the next day they're gone," said Just Sports Assistan Manager Jose Lopez "Especially the Wlson jerseys, they're the first ones to go. We still haven't been able to keep up with demand; there's so many calls and waiting lists on getting that jersey, but it's hard to keep up."

"I've been looking to find the Wilson jersey, being that he's doing so great," said Imelda Navarro, "I'm trying to find women's size, the right color for youth. It's been really frustrating, you go online, and it takes forever to get here."

Adult sized NFL jerseys cost about one hundred dollars, while youth sizes cost about 70 dollars.